Learn more about lubricants

Engine is the heart of your vehicle which needs to be lubricated essentially. This helps reduce the friction greatly which will also lessen wear and heat buildup. The right engine lubrication maintenance would surely help your engine run faster, smoother, and stay in good condition for a longer time period.

Proper engine lubrication is a complicated process where motor oil performs several functions under various operating conditions. Following are the basic functions of a lubricant:

• It provides gap between rotating or moving parts of an engine minimizing wear, friction, and heat buildup.

• It disperses heat that is created by friction from rotating or moving parts of an engine and the combustion of fuel. If the heat is not carried away, your engine may overheat and stop functioning.

• A lubricant suspends and absorbs dirt as well as other foreign elements. The lubricant must carry carbon particles and dirt to the oil filter where such unwanted substances are trapped.

• It neutralizes acids that build up and ruin the polished steel surfaces as well as coats all parts of your engine. Choose lube oil that must be able to leave a protective covering on every part when your engine is off. This helps avoid corrosion and rust.

• It fights varnish buildup and sludge. Your lube oil should be able to endure extreme heat without altering physical properties or worse, breaking down.

• The lubricant you use must stay in fluid form even in very cold weather conditions, and stay thick enough to provide engine protection during hot seasons.

Lubricant additives are able to give most of the above functions. Base motor oils are mixed with additives to give a better engine protection.

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