Taking Pictures While Flying a Helicopter – Tips and Techniques

If you are confused as to when to book a helicopter ride in Dubai, the smartest thing to do is simply call the business that you are interested in and inquire about what the typical experience will be during the time of year that you’re visiting. In general, summer offers a clear, beautiful sky, which makes it one of the most popular times for helicopter rides. Of course, this experience can be ruined if you have bad weather or any other complication with your flight. In this case, it is best to call a number beforehand so that someone can guide you to the safest possible option. If you’re planning on visiting any other area that has natural and high-flying adventure associated with it, then you may want to visit during the winter, rather than in the summer months. The reason for this is fairly obvious: the skies are much clearer and less likely to be filled with obstructions.

  • Other great tips to get a helicopter ride during the off-season include contacting different flying organizations to see what flights are available where you are located. Some companies work with private owners and individuals, so if you know of anyone who owns a helicopter, you may be able to get a ride on one. 
  • Once you’ve located an operator, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the different flight modes that they typically offer. You will need to take pictures while the helicopter is in flight, so make sure that you have your camera with you! One tip to remember is that most helicopters are set to flying in safe flight mode, which means that you can use the automatic settings until the plane lands. 
  • If you do get to the world while you’re on a helicopter ride, you will need to be aware of one very important safety precaution. Because you’re in the air, you will likely be at a higher altitude than you would be if you were walking or driving the same route. 

v  In addition to knowing how to get into the proper positions to take pictures, you should also know how to keep your hands and body in the proper positions while you’re flying. One of the most important pieces of information you should learn before taking a helicopter ride is to not wear contact lenses during your flight. The lenses will only get in the way, making you look closely while you’re flying, as well as affecting how you hear the wind and feel the air. 

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