History of Villas: Then and Now

The Roman Era:

Villas are essentially a type of home, which was originally an exclusive upper-class residence. Since its roots in the Roman villa, today’s villas have evolved greatly. From being simple farming buildings, most villas are now small self-contained villas, which are now commonly transferred to the Church for use as a retreat or monastery. It’s important to understand the history of how a villa came to be so you can appreciate its future uses. Here’s how villas began.

Villas were Detached Homes with Easy Access:

Most villas were originally built as villas with detached homes as part of the villas to apartments development. In these early times, detached homes included:

  • additional bedrooms
  • baths
  • kitchen

And the villas themselves were located strategically on top of the land so they could be easily accessed by the residents.

The Early Europe Housing Scheme:

In most cases, villas would have been the first type of housing constructed in Europe. They were built mainly for leisure and recreational purposes, but at the same time, they were used for business ventures. During this period, the concept of what a villa was changed forever when wealthy families started living in them along with their retinue of servants.

Villas for the Rich:

The wealthy, or more likely, their retainers, were able to enjoy the benefits of having luxurious villas. The luxurious amenities like gardens and swimming pools became almost expected amenities. Villas also became places where people could live independently, away from the concerns of their employers. As the century wore on, this concept expanded and villas started being referred to as houses and not just places to live.

Benefits of Living in Villas in the Latest Era:

There are various reasons why people chose to live in Mohammad Bin Rashid villas over flats, condominiums, or townhouses. For one, it’s easier to rent a villa as opposed to buying a house. You don’t have to pay for a home loan, deposit, or carry any kind of mortgage. You can stay in your villa as long as you want. You can also avail of various perks and privileges such as weekly house cleaning, car rentals, meals served in local restaurants and so on.

Kinds of Villas:

There are three basic kinds of villas and apartment for sale in Meydan Dubai:

  1. self-contained
  2. fully furnished
  3. detached

Self-Contained Villa vs Fully Furnished Villa vs Detached Villa

Self-contained means that the villa includes its own kitchen and bathroom, while fully furnished means you’ll be sharing a communal kitchen with other owners. Detached is basically a modern villa with all the amenities and features found in a modern house, but with all the space and privacy of an independent house.