Common Methods of Large Format Digital Printing

Large format digital printing is not just an alternative to regular printing, it is actually a new form of printing processes and techniques which makes use of large digital printing plates. They usually print in one color with black text or a single color.

Traditional Printing Process

The printing process usually has some type of feed system – the paper is fed into the printing machine and then the different components of the design are pressed into the ink roll. In this case there is usually a support structure to keep the roll from breaking when the roll is pulled through the nozzle. These are called support rolls and are commonly made of heavy paper.

  1. Ultraviolet Technology Method:

UV Large format digital printing uses ultraviolet technology. Most printers will have two rows of LEDs behind a tempered glass lamp. The lights can produce photons with the energy from the fluorescent lamps which strike the image. The transmitted light is then converted into heat, which hardens the ink.

An example of this type of large format digital printing can be seen in many billboards. The printed materials are usually created using offset printing presses. This is where the inks are loaded into the press and then an offset machine kicks the materials into the air to be printed. The images are then put onto pieces of board, which are used to cover the area of the board required for the design.

  • Vinyl Material Imprinting Method:

When it comes to large format digital printing and custom printing services, there is another method that is commonly used. It is called vinyl material imprinting and it is done by pressing the vinyl onto a substrate which has ink on it. The images can be printed in full color and are known as full-color vinyl prints.

These types of large format digital printing products are often used as promotional materials. Companies like to give these out to clients and customers as a way of welcoming them to their company. They also use these to help make a more lasting impression on potential clients and customers and these types of promotional items can even be used at trade shows to increase interest in a business by giving away promotional items and gifts.

The Benefits of Large Format Digital Printing:

There are so many advantages when it comes to large format digital printing. It is faster than other types of printing methods and there are many reasons why companies choose to use it. If you want your company to look professional and your signage provider to do an excellent job, then it is important that both of these come together.