4 Reasons To Move To Canada

You’ve probably heard that living in Canada is a dream come true. There are some distinct seasons, two official languages, and a laid-back culture. But what else is so good about it? Read on to learn more about these reasons to move to Canada. You’ll love the friendly people and thriving economy. Canada is the perfect place to start a family, make new friends, and experience the great outdoors. If you want to make your Canadian immigration process hassle-free, hiring the best Canada immigration consultants in UAE is the best decision.

Canadians are laid-back:

The culture of Canada is diverse, welcoming, and tolerant. The country is home to many diverse cultures, including indigenous populations. Many people are happy in this country and have become successful internationally. The country also boasts several impressive metropolises and nearly 200 ethnic origins. If you’re considering moving to Canada, you should know about these characteristics first.

They speak two official languages:

Statistics show that more Canadians are learning to speak the other language. Canada’s two official languages account for around 7% of the country’s population. While 6.2 million non-francophones say they know both official languages that number continues to grow. While Canadian children must study both English and French at some point in their lives, the amount of time they spend studying one can vary significantly. Some provinces offer free French immersion programs for children.

They are friendly:

Aside from the beautiful landscape, Canada also boasts friendly people. The 2020 HSBC Expat Explorer Survey ranked Canada 9th overall, while a separate survey rated Canada first for its cultural values. Three cities in Canada have been ranked among the world’s most liveable cities. The country’s friendly people have made it a popular choice among immigrants, and it’s easy to see why.

They have four distinct seasons:

Although Canada is famous for its chilly climate, it has a surprisingly diverse landscape and four distinct seasons that change from spring to fall. Summers are warm, with daytime temperatures reaching 30degC. While winters can be bitterly cold, the country’s interior temperatures are very low from coast to coast. The differences are largely due to latitude and mountainous topography. Bring the right gear if you plan to visit Canada in the spring or fall.