How to Choose the Best Certified Residential Exterior Designers

Interior designers in Dubai play an integral role in beautifying the interior of a house or office. Interior designing is the art and science of improving the interior of a structure to create healthier and generally more aesthetically pleasing surroundings for those using the interior space. Interior designers are usually those individuals who plan, research, coordinates, and oversees such beautification projects. These projects include everything from room addition, carpet laying, painting, window coverings, counter-top finishes, flooring to lighting. This art and science usually fall under the category of residential, office, retail, hospitality, and industrial design.

Type of establishment you have:

There are many factors to consider before hiring interior designers to do the job for you. The first and most important factor is the type of establishment you have, as many different types of rooms need to be decorated. Then, you have to consider the specific interior spaces of your building, which include: reception areas, waiting areas, cafeterias, kitchens, family rooms, recreation facilities, boardrooms, lounges, banquet, and conference rooms, etc. 

Consider the structure of your building:

If you decide to use an interior designer, you should consider the structure of the building codes you are going to obey and the kind of renovation project you want to undertake. For example, renovation projects involving major electrical appliances should be done in a licensed facility. You should also consider any state or federal laws that may govern the conduct of your renovation project, including any codes set by your local, county, and state governments. If you are doing any remodeling work, even small remodels, you should use contractors licensed and bonded, even if they work from home.

Consider certification & license:

If you are using contractors to complete your renovation project, you should ask whether they are licensed and bonded. Ask them to provide references and to complete an application for a certificate of occupancy (CO) with your local, county, and state governments. Some interior designers work from home, so they must be able to produce quality work and show a proper understanding of building codes. 

Experience should be a priority:

You must choose architecture offices in Dubai that has previous experience in building and renovation. Architectural designers have studied for years and should have a good understanding of building codes. It is common for architects to seek referrals before they start a project. Check the references provided by the designer. The best way to know if a designer has previous experience with your project is to ask his former clients.